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Pam is an experienced public school educator, superintendent, and non-profit CEO. She has a people-focused leadership style that brings out the best in teams and individuals. Pam is a visionary leader whose work has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, Future Ready, and a variety of organizations over the years. Pam brings strong expertise to working with teams to reimagine learning structures and pathways that are grounded in meeting physiological needs first while building towards accelerated learning. Pam is gifted in working with leaders at all levels to develop leadership and communication skills while building increased confidence.


A dynamic and experienced keynote speaker and workshop provider

Pam can provide you and your team with the inspiration you need to kick off the year, motivation to continue the journey, topic-specific presentations, and hands-on professional learning and guidance.

Popular Keynotes Include:

How We Rise Together

Building a Professional Network of Mentors, Coaches, and Supporters

Building and Implementing the Vision for Balanced, Rich, and Rigorous Uses of Technology in the Modern Classroom

Popular Workshops Include:
Interrupting the Adult Stress Cycle
Seizing This Moment to Innovate and Design What is Possible
Redefining the Learning Experience for Adults and Students

Developing Coaching Skills Within Your Team and Organization

Developing District-Wide Personalized Pathways for Professional Learning

Lead Like a Rock Star!

Preparing Today’s Student for Their Tomorrow

The Power of Speaking With Cross-Departmental Language as We Lead

Understanding and Developing Digital Citizenship Within Your Community

Why Risk-Taking and Rethinking are Critical to Designing Equitable Learning Pathways



Pam has over 25 years of experience serving in public education. She is an experienced teacher, special educator, site principal, and superintendent. Always pushing at the edge of what is possible through learning, Pam was an early adopter of leveraging technology to create personalized pathways of learning for students and professional development for adults. As Pam works with you and your team, she brings a deep understanding of the demands placed on educators as well as the fulfillment.

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Pam is a forward-minded systems thinker with the ability to guide teams through data points and visioning to create plans that experiment with multiple pathways for students to achieve success, for professional learning and growth, as well as using technology to streamline day to day business, meetings, and communications. Pam’s work in building out technology infrastructure, student learning design, and educator professional learning pathways has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Office of Educational Technology. She has spent time in advising groups with Dr. David Edelman, Special Assistant to the President for Economic and Technology Policy as well as Dr. John B. King, U.S. Secretary of Education during the Obama Administration.

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Book me for your next Consultation or Speaking event

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